Frontiers change fast, we are more connected everyday and learning another language and cultures is a must to guarantee a position in this society and it is the key to live millions of new and great experiences overseas.

Knowing many languages is a requirement for occupations, and jobs, because when globalization is a need, companies, institutions and business are interested in improving multicultural relationships.. Many universities and education programs train their students to be specialized professionals at idioms such as english, french, german; betting on people with a wide and high quality profile.

Interpreters and translators over the world

The UJI in Spain is one of the places that offers professional specialization in translation and interpretation. There are many areas to specialize in such as Audiovisual Translation, Economic and legal translation, literary translation, scientific and technical translation and even for public services and conferences.

The UJI made agreements with European Commission, ONU, European Legal Interpreter and Translator Association and other institutions to train students that have the highest scores at the universities.

British studies are dedicated to know the language and the culture of english towns and cities, you can achieve a C2 level bases on The European common reference for languages. During British language courses, students review many signatures such as history, literature, a second language, culture, and others.

Advantages of learning other languages

There are studies that show how positive attitude, analytical skills and creativity increase when people learn new languages. Dealing with other cultures makes people better understand their own and increase their tolerance; some studies in the US suggest that 4 out of 5 jobs are achieved as a result of foreign trade.

Your business can develop marketable skills and sustain a strong footing in the global economy if you master another language. It opens new doors in arts, music, sports, science, philosophy, fashion, marketing and everything you want. You can have wide audiences all over the world, especially if you are thinking of expanding your company.

Manage social media and websites in more than one language allows your business to catch more attention because there would be  fewer barriers for recognition or promotions and youll understand better the psychology and behavior of foreign customers.

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